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Janet Matricciani


Meet Janet Matricciani

A skilled international executive, Wharton MBA, and one of only six women CEOs working within the world of finance, Janet Matricciani is a standout and a dynamic figure within the financial industry. As CEO, she took a shrinking public company and turned it around to quadruple the value to more than $1 billion; she also brought in 150 new clients, which increased the value of a private equity-owned company three times over to $75 million. 

In her career, Janet consistently strives for excellence in both herself and others. As COO and President for AHP Inc., Janet oversees all units of the business – including preREO, Servicing, Title, Mortgage Direct, and Trustee Services – as well as Human Resources to ensure success. She is also operating as a Consultant with JLM Consulting, a firm she’s been with in varying capacities since 2018. 

Across the course of her career, Janet Matricciani has demonstrated strong skills in areas that include business strategy, strategic analysis, line management, and organizational development. She has also been recognized in the industry for her talents in mergers and acquisitions, product management, project management, business planning, business development, and executive management, as well as her knowledge of international business, consulting, digital media, organizational development, and negotiation. Additionally, Janet Matricciani is knowledgeable in areas including e-commerce, private equity, strategic partnerships, corporate development, and management consulting. 

Janet’s Network

As a woman in business, Janet Matricciani knows how important it is to have peer mentorship and guidance from others who have forged their own paths. As such, she is honored to be involved with the Committee of 200 (C200), an invitation-only membership organization of about 500 women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders from around the globe. Janet has also been a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) for CEOs for more than a decade. She was even featured as one of only a dozen top women leaders in financial services by KPMG

Janet Matricciani built the foundation for her career at Cambridge University, where she earned her Bachelor’s and later Master of Arts in Engineering. From there, Janet enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, where she graduated with her MBA. Additionally, Janet is multilingual, with varying degrees of proficiency in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian, as well as her native tongue – English. 

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